Thiessen Design + Construction

Lawrence, KS

Timeless Construction + Design

Area leaders in space planning, design, and construction - allowing you to make fewer decisions while still achieving a result that is uniquely yours.

Elegant Kitchens

Where culinary magic happens and heartwarming memories are born. Our designs blend functionality and beauty seamlessly.

Lush Bathrooms

Where luxury meets serenity. Our portfolio showcases tranquil retreats designed to rejuvenate the spirit.

A Clear Path to Your Dream Home

Choosing Thiessen Design + Construction means selecting a dedicated partner in crafting spaces that transcend aesthetics, striking a balance between functionality and opulence.

Embarking on a home renovation or construction project can feel daunting, but at Thiessen Design + Construction, we’re here to guide you through every step with clarity and confidence. Our process is designed to ensure that every detail is expertly managed, leaving you with a sense of relief and excitement about your project’s progress.

We had a great experience working with Thiessen Design.

They helped achieve the vision we wanted in our remodel and managed the whole process from design through completion. Tammy did a great job of guiding us and rolling with our changes we made along the way. She wanted us to have what we envisioned and helped us achieve exactly that, even when we didn't know exactly what all that was. We highly recommend her and her entire team and won't hesitate to use her again.

– J. & J. Didde, Facebook

Timeless Style & Furnishings

Let your living spaces become a reflection of your own beauty, style, and personality.

Serene Spaces

Where comfort and elegance unite. Our designs create inviting spaces perfect for relaxation and gatherings.

I was captivated by it all...

The art of home design, where functionality tailored to a family’s needs meets the artistry of weaving beauty into every detail.

Each decision in this intricate dance influences the next, and what might overwhelm others, fills me with energy. It became clear to me that I wanted to share this passion with others, to take what can seem like an overwhelming process and a significant investment and make it a personalized journey. I transitioned seamlessly from renovating my own home to guiding and assisting others with theirs.